​Currently, with all benches located throughout the venue, including the picnic tables, 180 people can be seated. Occupancy can be up to 400 guests!! 

Whispering Pines covered dining area is beautiful, with it's hand crafted log tables! The structure itself is 16 X 80 feet long. It holds 8 tables in all. 

Six picnic tables, approximately 9 feet in length, each seating 10 people.

Two 12 foot tables for the wedding party. 

The dining area can seat between 70 and 80 people at once. 

If your guest list is large, you are welcome to rent and haul extra tables and chairs into the venue, from your preferred rental establishment.  

A popular option that we suggest is to ask your guests to bring their own lawn chairs!  Just drop a note in your invitation!  The guests love this idea!!

*​Whispering Pines does not provide extra seating.*

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